It’s so hot… too hot

Most people in Seattle don’t have air-conditioning,  so with the changes in climate due to  Global Warming it is becoming an annual pattern that is starting to feel intolerable. A month back there was the possibility of going to visit some friends in Portland, but in all honesty the likelihood was extremely low, so when the possibility of a roadtrip came up I jumped on it. I can’t stress that the appeal of the spending 6 hours in traffic over a weekend is pretty low but getting to see friends and spend time in an air-conditioned hotel room makes it pretty hard to resist.

This weekend I’ll me taking my mini me down to Portland for a tiny vacay. I’ll be single parenting it and socializing which has me a little bit stressed, but that’s I am thinking I need to find a a good travel project for the trip. It would be great if I could finish the hat I just cast on before I drive down there, but I think the likelihood will be low.

Does anyone have any good pattern ideas for a road trip?

It is a lie

Think expensive yarns are not as  good of a value as  some more value priced options? Many people have said that this is true but I have to disagree with this statemebt(i’ll explain) I am working on my Saturate Shawl by Orange Knits and I have knit, torn out and reknit a section FIVE times. This yarn is rapidly becoming more of a value proposition as I tend to keep using it to reknit the SAME section.

I have already put the project on timeout. I have gone further and cast on a new project and I am about 1/4 through it.

I worked on it last night it and felt like I was making some headway on it….. until I  looked at the project this morning and had a moment.

.This just in: I tore out the knit on edging one more time, reflected on it  and I have figured it out. I am sign to make sure that I  notate my project page incase anyone has a similar issue.