Introvert much?

Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh

I know Edinburgh Yarn Fest was last month and I didn’t get to go but lately, I have been obsessed with watching footage of people’s experience on YouTube. It looks amazing, this year Fiber Festivals are not really in the cards(  oddly enough it is a coincidence that I will be able to pop in at the Dallas Fort Worth Fiber Festival which crazily enough coincides with my daughter’s spring break and a visit to my in-laws). I don’t get out much, at least beyond my comfort zone. It could be because I am raising a kid, or getting sucked into a new crossword puzzle or watching more things on YouTube.

I know as knitters, crocheters, and spinners most of us are introverts; we sit at home, connect with Ravelry,  or meet with local knitting groups. I rememeber a few years ago I was better at getting online and connect through forums on Ravelry, it was something I really enjoyed doing.

I don’t know what has happened if I have already found my “tribe” and just connect with them when we are able to connect or if I just have gotten busy but one thing I have noticed that that amount of time that I have spent “peopling” in pretty limited.

The stress level these last 12 months has been high and I don’t deny that I have been pouring myself into solitary activities…. so maybe next year I will make it a goal to “people” just a little bit more.

One thought on “Introvert much?

  1. Oh geez would have love to meet up with you at Fiber Fest. It supposed to be bigger than last year. I’m not going this year as Ive just gotten over allergy attack and a back issue. Just didnt think I could do all the walking.

    Hope you enjoy the show and the Dallas area.

    I know what and where you come from about being introvert

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