Spring has sprung

Spring is officially here in Seattle, and it is beautiful around here. Daylight Savings has made it easier to be out later and get to enjoy nature. I have been doing a lot of yard work to prepare the garden for Spring and Summer. It has been very meditative to work in the garden, I will admit that digging in the dirt is not my favorite but getting to put new plants in the ground and shape and trim the hedges has been rewarding.

I admit I haven’t spent as much time on my knitting lately, I am not sure if it is the beautiful weather or the fact that my current project feels like a slog. I have to be honest I am too stubborn and too far along on the hat to frog it or put it aside.

This time next week I hope to have a new hat off the needles to share…. and hopefully I will be casting on for my next project.

One thought on “Spring has sprung

  1. Those are pretty flowers. It’s spring here in Texas too. Lots of pollens floating around causing me trouble but getting some much needed knitting done.

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