I think this Coldsheep thing might happen.

Finished it just in time to gift to a coworker.

Its been a bit of a yarn buying bonanza lately… I think even that word may be under emphasizing how much yarn has been going into my house. I am thinking that 3-4 bins won’t even cover the amount of yarn. It’s like the prettiest softest storm of cashmere, infact if I lived on the East Coast I would call it a Nor’easter.

So while I may have yarn coming in 2018, I have paid in full for all of the purchases in 2017 and while it will really really hurt I am giving up buying any new yarn until October 2018. Yes, that means even Viola and even fiber… It almost hurts writing this blog post, but it needs to happen. At last count I have 97 skeins headed to a little cottage in Seattle, WA….. I think I may be experiencing some tightness in the chest as a type that number… but who am I kidding this is going to be it for a while right? I am sure that everyone who talks about coldsheeping has some success, right?

I have been strategizing how I am going to blow through  as much yarn as possible in preparation for the big delvieries. I have a couple ideas, mainly quick knits that require me to hold thicker yarns double.  I have a pillow or some slippers planned but I am thinking that a pillow might be the biggest bang for the buck so to speak with removing the largest cubic volume out of the stash. OMG I am know referring to my stash in cubic measurements….. that surly is a sign of someone addicted to yarn right?

But seriously this holiday season has been one that has allowed for little knitting time. I am thankful though because everyone seems healthy and I have managed to get 2 WIPs off the needles, okay hopefully 2 by the time this gets posted. I am so close on my Lowbrow Cowl by Thao Nguyen. I think I might have about 11 more rows and then it is ready to be blocked. I also decided to from a sweater by Veera Valamaki that has just been languishing, so my WIPS will roughly go from 10 to 8… So I think it is time that I cast on Illiya by Michele Want for New Years Eve, I had skipped the Christmas Eve cast on and it will feel good to cast on something new for a change, even if it is a ling term project.