Counting Down…

I have been frantically trying to get ready for my trip, reality is setting in that I have less time to get a heap of things done. I have finally hit vacation mode on my knitting and have come to terms with that I won’t have time to cast on anymore items and have time to finish them before the trip. I made a couple deviations from my original plan to knit patterns from Scottish designers but I have to say that that I am pretty pleased with what I finished and am bringing:

  1. Ships and Seaside by Tiny Owl Knits
  2. Tortise and Hare Gauntlets by Kate Davies
  3. Braken Mitts by Helen Gray
  4. The Good Years Hat by Donna Smith
  5. Fidra by Gudrun Johnston
  6. Saudade (This was made a couple of years ago, but I really want to take it and get some better photographs)

I cast on Tales from the Isle of Purebeck by Annie Rowden  and if I make a  decent progress on that WIP  I will cast on Jujika by Olga Buraya Kefelian .I have given much thought to what to bring. Its a hard decision to bring themed projects or to go with something that you have REALLY wanted to knit and actually have time to knit because you don’t have work, family, and housework in the way.

So while I am in the midst of getting the family settled (DH has a trip and DD  gets ready to start school). I am debating packing decisions… I am a chronically overpack on trips, so this one is a challenge because I am going on a tour and am limited on how much I can bring.. Well and aside form the obvious… I need to leave room for yarn.

I have no idea what the month of September has in store but I am so excited to meet other knitters, travel to far away places and go exploring with one of my good friends.