My Favorite Things

In my younger days I used to watch “Oprah’s Favorite Things” It was so good! Every year that she shared the stuff that she loved I instantly googled the item that  she put up.  The absence of this on network television left a void. Oprah’s  show was the shiz-nit, so in the spirit of paying homage I put my favorite things for Summer:


O-M- G Danielle Pederson’s ceramic art is amazing and it the perfect balence between whimsical  and tasteful.  The prices range may be more than just a normal tchotchke  but in my onion its totally worth it. Each piece she makes is a piece of art. She makes freestanding pieces  as well as these pendents.

My spirit animal as a pendent and a seahorse

So while I haven’t seen every product on the market I am positively in love with TUFT Woolens Hand and Body Balm. So many great things to say about it, it comes in one size which is smaller than other products I have seen, but it is kind of genius because it makes it very portable to toss in a project bag and with the plastic container light so it doesn’t weigh your bag down. The added bonus of the product being designed with a knob to push up the product and make it accessible makes it easy to only put as much on your fingers as you need easily. Lastly, and best of all the product is not creasy, its easy to use a little goes a long way and it is not sticky and has not seemed to rub off on my knitting when I have used it.

I tried a couple of scents but I think Honeycomb is my favorite

Next up is The Plucky Knitter’s  yarn base called “Sweater”  after a brief retirement it has been brought back and I am really happy about it. It has a extremely tithe twist and is a “workhorse” of a yarn it is one of her more economically priced yarns and has good yardage.  It is a merino nylon blend which while is out of my “cashmere blend” wheelhouse is a fantastic yarn for  everyday knitting, has fantastic stitch definition and takes a cable really well.

I love me some grey yarn…. especially in the Plucky Knitter’s Sweater base


Lastly, anything by Emily Fodon of Viola yarns. She is a genius at small batch hand dying. Everything is small batch and it is hard to get  but this speckles semisolid indy dyed yarn just makes me smile.

Watching a kettle…



8 more inches of knitting on the body of their sweater

I think there is an expression somewhere that talks about how water won’t boil if you are watching it. It is a universal truth that when knitting somewhere from 5 to 10 inches that you over measure. You pull out the tape measure from your bag (everytime you think you have made a big dent towards your goal you measure) and notice that at most you have added another 1/2 inch to your project.

There is a heavy exhale with “That can’t be right it seems like more” you knit a little more put the project on timeout ad repeat the process a little bit later. I estimated this week that I did  about 2 inches towards my goal on the skirt of my new sweater. I estimate that I am overdue to measure my progress in another 15 minute 😉