My Woodfords

The last couple of days I have been musing on my sweater and if it is ever going to be finished. I really seem to embrace the concept of  the “glass half full” when I am knitting a sweater. I am about as pessimistic as one can get when I knit one. I am not complaining about complaining but I have just come to realize it as the “natural” state when I am working on a sweater project.

The other day I realized I had roughly used up 3 of the 13 skeins of yarn I have for my Woodfords  that is less than the 30% complete… I think the expression a “Oh crap!” went through my head.

In the meantime while I have been SLOWLY knitting along I have also been buying craploads of yarn.. maybe from stress? Well anyways I digress the real lightbulb moment was when I realized that buying sweater quantities of yarn that you likely are not going to get a chance to knit anytime soon is the knitting equivalent to keeping your small size “goal” jeans around the house that you can’t fit in to. There is no logic in buying the yarn.. just like it is unlikely that one isn’t going to fit in to the jeans that are 2-3 sizes to small but are still in the closet… but is sure is fun to imaging the possibilities:)



One thought on “Equivilants

  1. I too have been buy yarn eek! Don’t need it but oh so fun to get in the mail. It’s always fun to dream of possibilities in ourselves and our knitting.
    We can’t be to hard on ourselves we just need to keep trying right. Never give up.

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