Ummm… I guess I have to be accountable

Ummm…yeah it is bigger than 2 kind sized pillows

While I have been ┬ádodging an “news” or “current events” I have had a noticeable uptick in the amount of energy, which has been really nice and I was able to crank up some music the other day during my commute to work and sing along to Coldplay. I can’t lie while have been blissfully unaware everything going on outside of my house and work environment… I had a good re-entry in to reality when I got a delivery of fiber (cough… cough.. 2 packages)…

In between Netflix and knitting I had the sudden realization that this would be the first of many packages coming to the house (Ooops!) The parade of packages will be beginning next week when my Eileen Fisher sweaters arrive… I think I am relatively good for a while… the rest were custom were orders… I should be able to knit or sing down fiber before more arrives… Here is what coming…


  1. 5 skeins from Gregoria Fibers
  2. 8 skeins of Woolenboon
  3. 20 skeins of the Plucky Knitter
  4. 4 skeins from La Bien Aimee

I think that is about it…. umm. I am being honest.. I don’t think there is anything out there other than my fiber club subscription nest month. LOL