In for the long haul

Just looking at Instagram gets me into trouble. I see lots of project people make and “oooh” and “ahhh” throughout the day. I actually have pretty good restraint on casting on new projects I usually just put them in my “Favorites” in Ravelry or add it to my “Queue” so when I noticed people starting to post pictures of granny square stripe blankets I got a little worried…. they were really cute, but how many lap blankets does one person really need…

Fast forward to last week when I saw this beautiful Shabby Chic themed version and all sense of  self control literally went out the window…. I decided to make mine bigger because well I want something bigger to snuggle in. I chained 452 and have gone through a couple of false starts.  While I understood the structure of the granny square I need to reacclimatize myself to how I would do a the stripped granny blanket. The first row is long… If you are doing it and actually creating a foundation row, you will essentially be working all of the crochet stitches 3 times ( chain them, single crochet and3 time double crochet into each row).

I have no illusions that this is going to bw a quick project, in fact I am giving myself  permission for this to take at least 3 years…. I mean these rows are really long.

In the meantime if you have any interest I am sharing a link for a good tutorial. While I did look at Attic24’s link for the pattern, it just didn’t sink in for me.\


One thought on “In for the long haul

  1. I checked out the link looks like fun, but I can’t crochet anymore so I will watch you progress and cheer you on.

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