I caved

Gulp! I was going to be good, I was trying really hard. I guess on the yarn front I was…. ¬†until around 9AM PST when I ordered my first spinning wheel…… I wasn’t even conscious of how it happened it started with a Rav. message which led to a call in Wisconsin.

Earlier this month I took my first in person spinning class at a local yarn store in Seattle…. It helped or enabled me to get even more in to spinning. I signed up for a class with Judith McKenzie during the year’s Nordic Knitting Conference which happens in October ( This even happens every 2 year’s ¬†and is hosted at the Nordic Heritage Center in Ballard, it is my first year going, but they bring in lots of top notch instructors and this year’s key note speakers and one of the instructors are Arne and Carlos).

So when I was researching the wheel I wanted to order I saw a custom version on Ravelry…… and started PM’ing the person to get her thoughts in ordering that wheel and how she liked it and how I might consider ordering it sooner than later due to the amount of waiting time. Hmmm, it was just the nudge I because I called Wisconsin and ordered a Jensen TINA II…..

I am super excited.