Finding “Joy”

I am no great lover of Marie Kondo’s book. I have had have had several conversations with friends and  I will admit that I may have misunderstood some of the stuff in the book. I really shouldn’t criticize it because I haven’t read the whole book.

But I did have a moment where I decided to think about if the yarn I spun is something I actually could see myself knitting with…ever. Okay maybe that is a little harsh, I mean some of the yarn I spun up a couple of months ago. It frankly may look nice, but some of it I don’t get joy or  force that I will enjoy the process of knitting its the yarn.

So…… I have decided after much debate that I am going to throw it away and just let it go…….  Yeah, I could give it away but in all likelihood I think the amount of trouble for this poor quality yarn is more than it is worth. So tonight when I get home I will  put if in the rubbish bin and say goodbye….



2 thoughts on “Finding “Joy”

  1. I think your yarn is lovely. I will take it off your hands. Truly. I live in Seattle. I’m blackolydog on Ravelry. I’m so impressed how you ventured off into the world of exploring a new skill/craft. If you want to put it in the rubbish bin it’s yours and well within your right to do so. I’ve found your writing about this experience inspiring.

    1. Aww, thanks I am inspired daily by how much I have to learn… I have a confession though it is incredulity crappy rope/yarn….. not really knit table, but if we can arrange a meet up where I can hand off the yarn then I will save it for you… I guess it could be good enough to use as twine…. I’ll PM you on Ravelry

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