#Christmas in July

So it is here… The 1st of July…   and I am not ready….. okay maybe not  to the standards I had in my mind.


I am smitten for the Smittens
I am smitten for the Smittens

I am 50% complete on the mittens. I have been trying to make sure I get a variety of colors and have been trying to spin more yarn to mix up the colorways.  A friend is sending me some of her handspun which should add some pop to the garland.

I have not pulled anything together for my little diorama. I know I will need reindeer, a santa, snowmen, but I am debating on adding elves, and  a yeti to that list….  I want what ever I make to kind of tell a story.

I want to make some of the Spilly Jane’s colorwork ornament mittens ( Yeah, I have a thing for mittens), when I saw that Knit Picks published these last summer I had to download a copy of the “Adorn” booklet.

I “suppose” I should also be working on the colorwork mittens I started last month ( although they are not exactly related to holiday knitting).

Oh yeah….. I also need to spin like crazy for Tour de Fleece 2016… GO TEAM NEST!



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    1. Thanks. I am planning to do a garland but can’t decide if i will just hang them on some string with cloths pins pis or if I will make an cord or crochet string. IMHO when ever you sew them on or have something a certain length it can mess with the flexibility of where you what to put them around the house. I love hanging things with mini clothes pins around my house. I usually change them out for the season, but I really like the idea od wool mittens year around:)

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