Are we there yet?


Wool and firewood..... The makings of a good vacation
Wool and firewood….. The makings of a good vacation

Yeah, the answer is the same one I would give my daughter “no”.  I am really having a ball with #Christmasinjuly  I have knit up a bunch of mittens (1.5 still to go) and have been a little factory trying to turn out reindeer and other related holiday themed items for my diorama. My list has everything in it from knitted letters to snowballs. It should take me the remainder of the month to finish if I can stay focused.

I also might have signed up for an adorable testknit for Dani Sunshine. It’s for a baby sized bonnet and while I don’t have any baby news ( near  nor far) I thought that it would be good to add this to the gift closet.

So hmmm… what else… yeah I might have bought some self striping sock yarn while on the family trip to the Oregon Coast. I have to say I think it was the stress of having to say ” No candy… or I don’t want to have this discussion about candy again” ( Honestly the kiddo got plenty of candy, but I think that if you asked her she would say it wasn’t enough.. It might have been a topic when we were talking about what is for breakfast during the trip)


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  1. I love your little mittens, They are so colorful and make a precious garland. Inspires me to make a few for gifts

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