This one takes the cake..

image1Life happens right? So when you get a small papercut on your finger and have some minimal shoulder pain from repetitively crocheting, what’s one to do? In what is a really grasping and over justified decision I decided to knit with cashmere.

I think this excuse is so incredibly weak I will even laugh about it with you. Nonetheless I decided to pick up the cashmere sweater I cast on during Stitches South. I have to admit it is like I am taking my fingers to the spa. Why haven’t come to this conclusion awhile ago? The sad truth is that in the pursuit or craziness of stash acquisition in the last couple of years I need to work through my stash regardless if it is a luxury fiber or something  of a more rustic nature. No mater what justification we give it yarn is yarn, some just prettier or more enjoyable to knit with than others.



One thought on “This one takes the cake..

  1. I so agree I have been trying to work on stash and not buy, so days doing better than others.

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