Some things I have learned


I am in love with crocheting Churchmouse’s One Big Granny Square Blanket. I have other projects but its all I can think about. I want to work on it all the time. I tend to take things for granted and so I thought I would share a few things I am doing on this project in case ( but maybe not likely) that people want to learn about the process I am undertaking on this blanket.

  1. Selecting colors:
    • Since this is just going to be a continual rings of color I have opted to pick out the colors and arrange them in a ring to see how the colors play together. Every set of colors I mix them up ( I keep the beginning round the same ( Its the  pinky red in the picture). I take a picture of  how I have arranged the colors so that I can have a quick reference point on my iPhone.
    • When picking colors I tried to balance cools and warms but also the amount of tonal variation. Brights are important  for pop. I really learned on my Sunshine Day Afghan that the yellow and the aqua were used at a higher ratio than the other colors to balance out the blanket. If you don;t have enough pop spread evenly through out the blanket the eye tends to be drawn to one specific part of the blanked (IMHO).
    • If I was using a neutral color  for a background I might work about balance of where the colors were used in the blanket or the frequency but since they are  just continual stripes its left of an issued
    • I  did think about bleeding but since I plan on machine washing it (It is superwash fiber) I kept the neutral colors to a minimum and was careful about placement.
  2. Weight of Yarn:
    •  I wanted to use DK or less. I don’t want a heavy and since I plan on stash busting these 14 skeins. This is an issue you should consider when making any crochet blanket.
    • Made the chains and double crochets TIGHT, the weight of this blanket is going to pull on the stitches and this is one way to give it some structure, especially since this project has no seams.

That’s all for now.