Giving yourself permission

It was wonderful to hear all of the goings on with all of my friends and aquintaneces this past weekend. Most of my friends sit at home and knit so it is always great to hear what is going on with everyone.

We showed each other the purchases we had made in the past six months, discussed patterns and designers, and showed the latest projects and yarn we were each working with. Where am I going with this (wait for it)? Most of us talk complain, rave, and talk our knitting and what’s going on in our lives but it can often be hard to have a conversation. Hearing the ladies at the knitting table talk about things led me to me to see something I had not noticed before ( I was at the 100ft view and not the 20,000 feet view) It is the topic of allowing yourself to have permission to do stuff with out inviting stress into your life.

Okay, it is not like I have been operating on some weird rule book on what I am allowed to do… but hearing what everyone else is doing such as test knitting, samples, and buying the latest stuff ( okay I am guilty if you count my new needle cases and set of crochet hooks) made me realize that while this might work for others; not giving myself hard limits on how something has to be or when it has to be done (case in point is trying my hand at spinning) was kind of stressing me out. I think maybe I have overly embraced the “must knit faster” mantra.

I decided I am not going to give myself a hard time for starting something new let alone a new hobby when I have something on the needles, learn a new technique.. or give myself crap about having a gazillion project on the needles.


I mean the only person that I really has power to make me feel bad about all of these things is me… So why not give myself permission to try things or give myself more time..

One thought on “Giving yourself permission

  1. You should try all things and you might not like spinning so at least you tried it. Right?
    Me its not for me.
    In my world I can have more than a few on needles as it makes me nutty. Knitting the same so, I think if it doesn’t make you crazy the have them and enjoy the process.
    I love getting all things that make my knitting experience fun and organize

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