2016 Goals

I’ve been racking my brain as to what I will try to accomplish this year and what I think I could do.  I am being mindful that I want flexibility in my goals.  I don’t want knitting to become a chore or something that I don’t enjoy. It took my a while to find my “mojo” and now once I have it back I don’t want to lose it.   That being said I wanted  goals that made me feel like I was making progress too. “Knitting out of the Ravelry queue” while well intentioned could easily blow up in my face 1) I would feel restricted if I didn’t allow myself to queue any new projects 2) If I just keep adding stuff to my queue what’s the point? My list would just keep getting longer.

I thought about yarn diets (which I am currently on ( I really maximized my “Golden Ticket” from the Plucky Knitter this year)but decided against it, I thought about counting the skeins purged from my stash (sold or used up) I decided I could give the  a “sweater challenge” another go too; there was no shortage of options for my 2016 crafting goals. None of these made the cut so to speak

So here is what I have come up with. Every month I am going to try to give myself a new challenge(some might be a month long and some might longer). Things are still  up in the air but here are some of the challenges I have come up with:

  • How many hats can I whip out in a month
  • Learn something new
  • Knit something for the kiddo
  • Knit something i’ve wanted to knit for a really long time
  • Knit something out of my comfort zone
  • Knit from yarn on the main floor of my house ( No going upstairs to pull from my stash closet)
  • Knit with a yarn I have never knit with
  • Finish my Cashmere Ombre Wrap ( Well this isn’t exactly something I can do in 1 month)
  • Knit at least 2  projects that utilize scrap yarn
  • Knit a new pattern I haven’t been planning on knitting

I’m giving myself permission to cross 2 off the list at the same time too. Here’s hoping these goals get accomplished quickly. Bring it on 2016!

Gift ideas for the knitter

Although I mentioned in an earlier post that I am not knitting that doesn’t mean there aren’t great gifts out there for a knitter and crafter. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. The Field Bag by Fringe Association: I  was really on the fence about buying this but it continues to be my go to project bag for a multitude of reasons. The canvas fabric is durable and will let it stand up with out flopping over. The interior pockets let me keep notions organized on the inside of the bag. The drawstring and handle let me easily carry it comfortably.IMG_5515
  2. Gingher snips: I got these a couple of years ago. What can I say they are oh so portable, so sharp, have a cover that has a place to put it on a string and keep it from poking in the back.IMG_5516
  3. Acorn stitch marker holder from Amirisu: Okay not only is it cute and adorable but totally functional. They come with removable stitch markers ( I purchase mine through their ETSY shop when they have them in stock)IMG_2766
  4. Pompoms: Whether they are alpaca, wool, or fur. It is a really nice gift. I recently became aware that not everyone knows how to make them. It is a great stash buster and can give someone a small taste of a yarn they may not have tried in a color way they haven’t see.
  5. IMG_5324Orla Kiely cosmetic bags from Target: This is probably my go to notions bag It has two zippered sections so you can store different things and a clear pocket so you can easily some of the notions you have stashed away. The adorable prints certainly don’t hurt either. Infuse I like these so much I have a larger one that I use to hold all my signature DPNs.IMG_5838
  6. Stoppers from Signature Needle Arts: These are great and cheap. you can you them on any brand of circular needles. They are put directly on the cable so you don’t need to even unscrew the needles (Not pictured).


Happy Holiday and Happy Gifting




I really try hard to not write anything negative. I can’t say I am always successful (there are a few posts I have marked as “private” because I think my venting doesn’t add any value. But in the case of some mittens I made for my daughter I decided I could share my story about one of my latest projects.  I had decided to make some mittens for my daughter and picked out a pattern to knit some stash yarn I had ( yes, I actually am knitting from stash).

The pattern is pretty crazy because it has sizing for a toddler, child and adult in addition to having different options for convertible mittens, fingerless mittens and mittens. I think this is a lot to do for a pattern and I admire the designer for trying  make something with so many options.

So my first attempt resulted in problems I have had to tear back a few times. I found the way the pattern was laid out a little busy. Once I read carefully I was on my way to having mittens for my daughter. Here’s the thing my daughter’s hands and an adult’s hands don’t have the same rate of increases. I think for a kids size the rate of increases should be much more aggressive.  I had my daughter try on the mittens and I think the term “highwater” mittens would be appropriate.

I plowed through them only to figure out there was a bit of an error on my part, which I later fixed.. but it doesn’t resolve the rate of increases for the thumb gusset on a small sized hand. My daughter needed a new pair of mittens. I don’t know that I will be keeping these or if they will be headed to the donation pile.

I have to disclose I did email the designer to share my constructive feedback.

On my best behavior

I  was a lucky girl and managed to sneak away to Tolt Yarn and Wool  for the Maker’s Mercantile today. I was not in a yarn buying mood. I think I outdid myself last week ( I have more on that when I talk about my goals). I always enjoy seeing a store decorated for the holidays and while it was a complete zoo. I was able to meet someone whose work I been admiring for awhile named Tif Fussell (aka Dottie Angel).

A pocket patch with a wooly tattoo
A pocket patch with a wooly tattoo

I was able to snag a pocket with wooly tattoo and some handmade pins. Normally I would not use the word “treasures” for my purchase but I have to say these ones are and I do love them so.

Wooly mini corsages
Wooly mini corsages

I also swore I wasn’t going to buy any yarn but completely stalled on my objective when I saw what Spincycle brought.  They had some beautiful merino blend marled sport(non superwash) yarn called “Suit & Tie” which was made up special for the event. I spoke to one of the Spinsters and she told me it was created for this event, so of course I had to snatch it up ( and maybe an extra skein for good measure).

"Suit & Tie"
“Suit & Tie”


It is an off year

Wintry glitter just makes me smile
Wintry glitter just makes me smile

When the holiday season rolls around I usually go in to a knitter’s version “fight or flight”  and ask myself “do I knit for myself or make gifts?” There is always a look of panic when people  are making their list for knitted gifts and look at the calendar and as “How am I going to get this done?” and ” Is this person really knit worthy?”

Last year I decided I would give myself a break and alternate years when I knit gifts for people. This is my selfish knitting year and I am having a lot of fun with it. I do wish I had more knitting mojo but I’ll take anything I can get:)