NYC! Photo Diary 1


Detail from Trailhead by BT fro the trunkshow at Purl Soho
More of the trunk show at Purl Soho
Central Park in Oct.
When in NYC eat macarons and go shopping with enabling girlfriends
I have been to NYC so many times and never come across this iconic sculpture. I love how you can find something new around every corner.


Next time I decide to book a red eye flight remind me not to do it. I stayed up really late trying to pack and get ready for the trip.  I think I am almost done, regardless I am not going to have a choice when I leave for the airport in a couple of hours. I have to admit mojo or not I am starting to get excited. Watching everyone’s Instagram feeds is really getting me going. Last year at this time I was “grumbling” about not going and actually booked my airplane ticket to Grand Rapids for the Plucky Shindig. and this year I GET TO GO TO RHINEBECK! Okay may I just went from meh!? to so excited. Can I just get to NYC already? Maybe I can even knit on the plane.

I don’t get to see the majority of my knitting friends a lot. We are what you would say geographically challenged. So bring it on! Let the festivities begin.

Please point me in the direction of my mojo.

Bartlett_edited-1I should be ecstatic because I get to leave for Rhinebeck later this week, but I have just been so preoccupied with life. Kinda getting in the way of my knitting mojo. I’m focused on getting through the knitting literally one row at a time. I figure if I just keep going the mojo will come and the sweater will get finished.


One row at a time right?
One row at a time right?

I think I have come to peace that my needles are not going to blaze their way through my Bartlett. I  getting to the armhole shaping. In a way this sweater will be a Rhinebeck sweater because I will be taking it to New York to work on it.

I’ll keep plugging along on the sweater but if you see my knitting mojo will you please let me know? I miss it.

Gonna fly now ( not really)

A funny thing happened in my attempt to destash yarn today…. I found a pair of knitting needles I hadn’t seen for awhile.

I managed to post some destash on Rarely today (I totally need to do this more) and picked up a pair of knitting needles that seem to make me a more efficient knitter that the ones I was using on my Bartlett.  It feels good to knit faster or at least have the delusion that I am.

Nothing new here

This just reminds me of fall.
This just reminds me of fall.

I actually didn’t knit a single stitch today. That’s probably going to make a liar out of me by the time I upload this post.  Life’s kinda gotten in the way (this occasionally happens right?)

I love a crisp cable which is why I decided to tear back a couple of rows.
I love a crisp cable which is why I decided to tear back a couple of rows.

I was able to sneak in some stash organization and knitting related tasks. I ripped out a few rows of my Bartlett. I love a good cable and don’t mind doing some cable surgery, however after looking at what I knit during movie knit and seeing a traveling cable that went really awry. I decided to frog it a bit. I did take some pictures of it prior to the frogging activities. Hopefully I won’t have to do any more frogging (I will probably be more selective of when and what I choose to knit in the dark).

YAY! Plucktober is herer
YAY! Plucktober is here


Lions and Tigers and Bears..

IMG_5413I can’t believe October is here. I love fall and I am very excited to see what this month is going to bring. Birthday parties, Halloween, Rhinebeck and Plucktober “Oh My!”

I have hit some roadblocks  and I was pretty sure I am not going to finish any sweaters this month so I decided to cast on the Ba-able Hat by Donna Smith and use some of my stash. This pattern has been in my Ravelry queue since the beginning of the  year. I noticed a picture of it on my Instagram feed during the Edinburugh Festival. It was an easy answer to knit this for Plucktober and turn it in to a KAL with a group of girl friends ( I will be knitting one more for my daughter later this month, when my friends get their yarn. (Oh, and by the way the pattern is FREE).


It feels really good to use stash. I played a bit of yarn chicken but was able to squeek it out.

So next up is working on my Bartlett. I love my Funky G, but I need to tear back a bit and really can’t be bothered ( the situation is kinda ugly right now) but I will get to fixing it.



DYAK cable connectors

Knitworthy 2 by Ysolda Teague

Christmas in July by Tanis G

Rhine by Suvi Simola

LOOPS 10 ( it was a wonderful surprise gift I got for my birthday last month)

Sea of Shells by Rose Beck

Snowcap Fairy by Roni Hill

Dessine Moi Un Mouton by Rillie

Work In Progress:

Bartlett by Michele Wang

Funky Grandpa by Rillie

Cashmere Ombre Wrap by Purl Soho


Ba-able  Hat by Donna Smith