Buying  yarn can get a little nutty but having it delivered is a whole different story.  You should have seen me today, stressed out from UPS (they delivered late).  I skipped lunch so I could run home at 4 PM to intercept a couple of boxes before my husband came home. I lucked out and missed him but then ended up dumping them in the trunk of my car until I got off work, checked the skeins for a golden ticket in my work parking lot, and I am now plotting on how to get them back in my house and safely packed away until I knit them up.


On another note.. I bought the Plucky Knitter’s Princess Phone in 3 different color ways ( oh my goodness this yellow is amazing and I am not even a yellow person).

4 thoughts on “Orchastration

  1. I saw some of it on Instagram it look so great. I can’t wait to see it in better light. You lucky girl all looked yummy.

    In your defense you have been knitting big things right

    1. I like the way you are thinking. Yes I have been knitting big things. It’s a little more justified right;)

    1. Shhhh:) he knows I have a blog, just knot really what I talk about… He thinks it is knitting related.. which to be fair it is:)

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