It is a non knitting related post. Okay, I just blew it because I just mentioned knitting. Over the past week we were prepping for our 10 year anniversary. I really try to live in the moment so I haven’t thought about everything that has happened over the 10 years with my husband.   So I was happily surprised when he showed me a slideshow he had put together on a new laptop he gifted me with (I was surprised about that too). I was deeply touched to see and remember things I haven’t thought about in a long time.

I think it must be love because seeing all of the memories prekid and with my daughter, got me to agree to go hiking this weekend:) I am hoping I don’t sprain my ankle.

But regarless of if I do I know that I will have a lot of gratitude in my heart for spending time with my hubby and the family we have created.

Mykonos 2008
Mykonos 2008

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  1. Glad you had such a wonderful anniversary 10 years awesome. Enjoy your hiking.

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