Winter is Coming… ( Right?)

I finally had the epiphany that I am not a summer person.. I kinda light up when it becomes Fall and Winter, but would prefer to go down to my cool basement and knit when it gets too hot. I am going to put my cards on the table and confess that because I live in the Pacific Northwest.. I think anything over 75 degrees is hot.

So ¬†while I try to survive this weekend (where it is supposed to be int he 90’s) I will ¬†bring my Fall knitting downstairs and prepare for Fall and Winter.


Field of Flowers by Miyoko Cancro

Loden Irina Demetriva

Arbre Andrea Rangel

2105 Shawls by Quince & Co.

Work in Progress:

Arlo by Michele Wang

Freshly Fallen by Amy Miller

Ombre Warp by Purl Soho


Pure by Cabin Four


Pure by CabinFour.. I love it
Pure by CabinFour.. I love it



2 thoughts on “Winter is Coming… ( Right?)

  1. Ok I am so with you I am most definitely a winter girl. Summer is just not for me. Is it close ? Sure hope so tired of heat! Only so much you can take off and you can pile on clothes if cold.

    1. I guess the good news is that Fall is the next season. I hope that your summer is not too hot.

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