Pure by Cabinfour
Pure by Cabinfour

I am in possession of some “speckled” handpainted yarn. I picked up a couples of skeins by a few different dyers during my trip to the NYC. Right now I am knitting with some Koigu Kersti (a dk weight yarn) I picked up at Purl Soho. I can’t say enough good things about this yarn. I decided to use it for a Cabin Four’s pattern “Pure Worsted” (IMPORTANT NOTE: I am knitting this in a different weight then the pattern calls for, but I think the yarn will work perfectly (if I add more repeats so I don’t make the shawl to small)).

Koigu Kersti Crepe, Hedgehog Fibres Sock, and Julie Asselin Leizlu DK
Koigu Kersti Crepe, Hedgehog Fibres Sock, and Julie Asselin Leizlu DK

I do have a few things in the “What would I do differently“(WWID) category, but they are so minor ( I would have held yarn double and made more rows of the 1st section,( just in case you were curious)).

Julie Asselin's Leizu DK
Julie Asselin’s Leizu DK

I need to say that I tend to buy more tonal yarns not that I have a thing against variegated yarns, I just have a preference. So it took me a bit by surprise that I feel pretty hard for speckled yarns. I got to see some Hedgehog Fibers while I was in NYC and “Ohh my goodness”, I have some on order from Simply Sock Company and can’t wait until it gets here. I guess I will just need to find something to knit until the yarn gets here

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