99 Problems…

Pre-cable surgeryOkay I lied I don’t have 99 problems. I have just a few knitting ones at the moment. I have 3 WIPS… but one I have put on hold until recently(my Arlo). I notices after I worked the left panel that I shrunk down the cable motif. It wasn’t until I compared it to the back piece that I realized my error. I also noticed that I lost track of where the armhole decreases started so I went ADHOC and tried some new things.

I blocked the piece  while on the needles so I could compare all three panels to make sure that the size of the depth of the armholes would line up properly.

So at the moment things are on back on track…. but it will require a little more brainpower to work through it.


Oh and acquisitions…….. I went cockoo crazy at the Plucky Update on June 5th. What can I say I want a “golden ticket.”