The line up…

Mockingjay in Tosh Sock purchased at Happyknits during the Joji and Veera Knit America event

All I want to do is procrastinate. I have even have wound the yarn.. I am thinking a Boxy by Joji and Alro by Michelle Wang. I really need to finish the sleeves on my Acorn Trail first. I am determined. I did have a little break and decided to knit a hat.. I used to have Varia by Alex Tinsley queued for a long time…… but even though I have deleted front he queue I decided to whip it out using some scrap cashmere yarn I had laying around.  I guess this is to make up for a friend at Stitches South picking me up a couple skeins of Plucky Primo Fingering in Rhinestone Cowboy (An exclusive color way for the event). Falling off the yarn wagon isn’t grey but I am not goiign to give myself a hard time about it. It was only 2 skeins,

Lollipop Guild in Scholar for an Arlo by Michele Wang
The Lo Los waiting for me to finish some more sweaters:)



Caryon Hat

Fly swatter

Hazey Morn

Picnic Time



Marco Polo

Thirty Seven

Home & Away ebook


Gather Together

2 skeins of Rhinestone Cowboy in Plucky Primo Fingering


Work In Progress:

Freshly Fallen by Am Miller

Acorn Trail Customfit by Amy Herzog



Hazelwood Sweater by Shannon Squire

Varia by Alex Tinsely




To the finish..

IMG_2091IMG_2089 IMG_2090 If you have seen the movie the “The Princess Bride” you are familiar with the expression “To the pain” this is supposed to be “worse than death” what I think that they were describing in this movie was knitting up sleeves on a sweater. I am marooned on sleeve island…… I  need to make my sleeves for my Acorn Trail…. I finally stepped away from my latest obsession a needlepoint of “Goodnight Moon” to try to get my sweaters done.


Stitch markers from Little Skein and the Big Wool
A pattern from Joji
Home and Away ebook by Hannah Fettig

Work in Progress:
“Goodnight Moon” needlepoint



Yarn purchased from the same even last year by another person
Yarn purchased from the same even last year by another person

I think that yarn chicken can bring out the best and worst… I have a chronic problem where I buy too much yarn for a sweater.. I usually end up with 1 or 2 skeins left over. I do the usuaual I follow the pattern.  So when I started my Acorn Trail I decided to throw caution to the wind. Technically I still have yarn but I had a strong feeling I would run short. I was SCREWED!



I needed hand dyed yarn from a special event l attended last year. The chances of me turning this project form a sweater to a vest we’re going to be high, so when a friend told me she had the yarn and it was just laying around her house with no plans.. I instantly looked at her and saw a halo.. This just confirms my theory that yarn fairies and angels are you there:)


It’s a funny thing about projects. You end up having all these expectations. Every once and while a project throws you a curve ball. I haven’t been a very active blogger lately. I have made more of an effort to be present in my everyday life. I know a lot of people are reading this book by Marie Kondo about tidying up… and I can’t do it( I mean bring myself to buy it let alone read it) because it just isn’t me. However this spring I did think a bit on what I want my life to look like. It made me reevaluate how and what I spend my time on… So you will see me blogging, but probably not every 5 days.

Okay enough chit chat, what I meant to say when I started this is post was to talk about how thing never end up as you think they will. It’s kind of funny I recently had two projects on the needles and neither turned out as expected.

Case#1: The Old Growth cardigan by Tin Can Knits. I have wanted to knit up this pattern for a long time and was happy when I realized that I could knit it for my daughter, stashbust, knit something at a heavier weight yarn, and mark something off my Ravelry queue. I mean how had could it be because I already has the yarn. Well it wasn’t hard I mean the knitting part; the finding the yarn part turned out to be hard, but just for a little bit. It is a really great project I am super happy with how the pictures I took turned out but the best part was the big smile on my daughters face. She loves it (So obviously I am going to knit something else for her…. I am debating projects but thinking about Michele Wang’s Arlo).

Case #2: My Hazelwood Sweater. I cannot overstate this enough “I LOVE STRIPES!” they make everything fun. They make projects go fast and its fun to get to play with more than one color. This sweater is the perfect projects for me and I am making in in Plucky Cashmere. I mean what is not too love. My expectations on this one are really high. But what I have encountered ( okay learned) is how long it can take to finish a sweater at a lighter weight yarn (This is weighing heavy on my mind because the next sweater I plan on making is a fingering weight tunic). I had forgotten how long it took to make a sport weight sweater. It has been a long time since I made my Goodale cardigan (and it was short sleeves too). The good news is that I am almost about 50% done on this. I may be even more if I have less yardage then I needJ I can’t wait to have this off my needles and start enjoying this sweater.

A wooden bowl from Fringe Association
Doane notebooks

Work In Progress:
Acorn Trail by Amy Herzog
Hazelwood Sweater by Shannon Squire
Goodnight Moon needlepoint purchased at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

Old Growth by Tin Can Knits