Tidings of Comfort and Joy


Snow flurries around the house
Snow flurries around the house


I was all set to blog about my latest distraction when I got waylaid by the flu. While being sick, I took a moment to  think about the important stuff:

  1. Breathing is pretty important.
  2. It is a good goal not to be a “Patient Zero” for your friends and family.
  3. I grateful I am for my family and friends.
  4. The only barometer I need for my health at this time is, if my desire to knit goes away.

While, I think that most of these items  are pretty self explanatory. I have to confess I totally failed at number two; in addition to infecting my friend, and my daughter, there was one other person infected. My daughter upheld the tradition and after  heroic efforts by my husband  and mom of providing childcare to her; she passed the flu to her daddy.  With her infinite wisdom, this afternoon while I was working from home she told me that I needed to go to bed because I had made the castle sick (This still make me chuckle…).

Enjoying a spot of tea in my new sock monkey flannel PJs
Enjoying a spot of tea in my new sock monkey flannel PJs


I am so thankful how much my husband and mom chipped in when I was down. It wasn’t asked for but very much appreciated.


So true!!!Also true!


This brings me to my next topic when the desire to knit leaves you, you know something is seriously wrong. When the doctor told me the temperature I wasn’t surprised, I mean if its tough to  knit and purl than something must be seriously wrong with me. A few days later and after some much needed rest I am rediscovering the joy of knitting again and it makes me smile (literally as I am typing this there is a big stupid grin on my face).


Flurries everywhere!!!


I was overcome by all of the comments I received for my first post.  Thank you so much!!

Now for the fun part!


  1. Several patterns from the New PluckyKnitter and Amy Miller collaboration “All Bundled Up”
  2. Ordered some ready to ship Plucky Oxford in Big Sky, Cornucopia, Pollen, Oatmeal, Good Old Days
  3. Bello in  the Plucky Knitter in Lawn Ornament
  4. Twinkle Lights Self-striping sock from Vesper socks

Works In Progress:

  1. Ashby by Brooklyn Tweed
  2. Sunshine Day Baby Afghan
  3. North Port by Amy Miller *New*
  4. Acorn Trail Customfit by Amy Herzog