I am okay with it….

A belated happy New Year to everyone.  It has been a wonderfully comfortable start to the new year on the knitting and crafting front. As mentioned in earlier posts I am going to take it a bit easier than usual. I have never been so “chill” with my knitting time. It is really freeing to just knit a few rows when I have time.  It is a bit of a foreign concept for me to try knitting this way. I usually get sucked down the rabbit hole of seeing how many things I can finish or want to try out a  pattern that I had “favorited” on Ravelry.

Hedd Mitts by Trin- Annelie I only used partial skeins and I still had a bunch leftover.

I am slowly chugging along on the Ilia sweater and finished a recent test knit. I have also been watching the last custom orders of yarn come in from 2017, which while numerous, feels okay since I am “cold sheeping” in 2018.

I have seen this knit up in person and it seems to be different than other cashmere I have seen. I think it looks like it has more body and will be more resistant to excessive pilling. I don’t think pilling is avoidable with cashmere, but I think this looks like a good workhorse cashmere.
Okay, to be honest, I really want to buy more of the new Halo Worsted from the Plucky Knitter, but a deal is a deal and I am “cold sheeping” this year.

Trying not to buy patterns has been harder than not buying yarn, but when I realize I am only focusing on a couple of projects this year, it really feels like I haven’t lost anything. I can always buy the pattern or yarn next year.   This level of moderation seems oddly freeing, and I don’t feel I am deprived of anything. I really wish I could transfer this methodology to my relationship with food.


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