Rethinking goals

The new year is just around the corner, as a knitter I think of time a little differently, not the concept of time but rather the year. Fall, is the beginning of  what I like to call the “Knitter’s year”. In my mind this runs September to August, because well, it is the start of “sweater weather” season.

I got sidetracked this year and have lapsed on planning for my annual goals so I have decided to fall back to using the calendar year for 2018 ( yeah its not really thinking outside of the box). I have been thinking about goals, and all that keeps going through my head is ” I know what I should do”…. I have a real challenge with this because it’s not very “joyful”, and am procrastinating the planning of my annual projects because I don’t want to make  it the year the year of ” I should”, to me that is a guaranteed way to lose ones ” knitting mojo” I mean I don’t think I have a stockpile of “knitting mojo” but I don’t want to jeopardize what is there.   So here is what I have come up with:

  • Iilya by Michele Wang
  • Lerwick by Marie Wallin
  • A bunch of hats
  • Donner by Blue Bee Studio
  • Make and effort to push through my holiday project
  • A few rows on the granny stripe blanket

To be honest that is a crap load of knitting, I am going to take adopt the approach of a tortoise this year and just “plot along” slow and steady. I mean keeping the “mojo” going should be the number one priority, so I am just going to wait and see how things turn out in September, hopefully I will actually have at least one sweater to wear to a fiber festival.



One thought on “Rethinking goals

  1. Yes I need to rethink my goals. I’m trying to play beat the clock on Christmas gifts that I wasn’t going to make and now we’ll you know knitting like a fend

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