Tis the Season.. of ENABLING

Di Gilpin’s yarn

The holidays are nearly here. It has been windy of late and perfect for mulled cider, fiber crafts, scented candles, and having a fire in the fireplace.  We are also entering “guilty pleasure” season. I am going to out myself because one of my guilty pleasures are the holiday movies on the Hallmark channel. I am a little embarrassed about sharing this but maybe it is because I just celebrated another birthday I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

I grew up in the age of after school specials when everything could be solved quickly and with some cheesy jokes. This channel checks all of the boxes for me. It has bee a tough year for many and it is very comforting to just enjoy something where everything turns out okay.

So in the spirit of the getting ready for the holidays I thought I would share a couple of my latest finds ( I’m not sure how you can beat the holiday movies on the Hallmark channel but here it goes):

Yarn by Di Gilpin. I found this during my trip to Scotland and it was not at all what I was expecting but not only is it nice, its pre balled and I think reasonable priced for international yarn (I think a ball cost about 8 Pounds) Initially I questioned 100% Scottish lambswool becasue I know that the softness and feel can vary, but this stuff is amazingly soft and it is spun in a mill that spins cashmere. I really think this yarn can do anything and everything.

Wool Punch Rugs. I bought a kit  from  Rose Pearlman who has taught at Purl Soho and well it is so much fun. It is a good way to “zen” out. I don’t know when I will have time to actually go full throttle on, or if I am doing it correctly  but I found it to be a lot of fun  and very creative.

Embroidery and Crewel kits from Alicia Paulson. I have admired her stuff for a long time and when I saw that she was stocking the materials for her Crewel Sampler I jumped on it.

ALJ, Jubilee Collection by Isager. I got to see this at a recent retreat and this has to be one of the most beautiful and informative knitting magaizine/books I have seen in awhile. It details the patterns of Ase Lund Jensen the woman who previously owned Isager.  I have already enabled one of my friends in the midwest to buy a copy and she loves it too.

Okay… last and not least handspun yarn, whether I am spinning with it or knitting with it I just love it. A friend told me a couple years ago that there was nothing like knitting with handspun yarn and she was right. It just feels so good.

Recently finished handspun






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  1. There are so many temptations out there. Wish I could enjoy the chill of fall, but where I live we are lucky to have cool weather. So enjoy the PNW for me please

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