I should have had this thought awhile ago…


My daughter holding the stash that would be used to make her sweater

Maybe it is all of the fingering weight projects I knit for my trip to Shetland but I have been neglecting the heavier weight yarns in my stash. It was kind of kismet when I had some vacation time and had to pull some project together.

As I was rummaged through the stash I came across some heavier weight yarns and just like that I am one sleeve short of completing a kids sweater. I picked out some Aran weight yarn from Orangeflower that I have been wanting to try out and I love it.  I also cast on a cowl and just like that 5 skeins of stash will make its way out of the stash bins.  It feels so good ( I mean soooo good!!!).  I am not knitting faster but the cubic space these larger weight yarns had taken up have freed up a teensy tiny bit of one of my stash bins, but I am really enjoying the instant gratification that comes with something that is Aran weight or heavier. I think I might need a month  just to focus on knitting  heavier weight handknits (This doesn’t;t really have any chance of becoming a reality because the Holidays are just around the corner).

I also managed to do some destashing at a weekend getaway recently and that felt really good as well.  While I did pick up a few random special skeins of new yarns  and I won 8 skeins of Woolfolk’s Luft, overall I think it was a reduction to my stash…

Oh wait I forgot about the box of yarn that cam for Marie Wallin’s club. Oppps!




One thought on “I should have had this thought awhile ago…

  1. What cute girl and growing up so very fast. I decided to make some hats with the small amount worsted it really takes up a lot of space

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