Yarn Making 101

One of the amazing things I did on my trip was visit Jaimeson in Sandness. I have never seen yarn being made…. I mean aside from hand spinning, I have bought a lot in indie dyed yarns in the past and while I have a great appreciation for their dying talents I have never considered thinking about how the wool from a sheep makes to the skein in a stash.

Family owned and operated, Jamieson  is in its 5th generation of operating. It does everything well there is one outsourced operation but you get the general idea.  It was pretty amazing to see the processes from Fleece, processing of the fleece, dying, blending, and spinning the yarn, I have new appreciation on how lengthy the process is. Here are a couple of pictures that document a few steps of the process:

Local wool arrived to be processed at Jaimesons
Dyed wool that needs to be prepped for blending
Wool getting put on cones
Yards and Yards of wool on the cone
Machine knit jumpers aka sweaters waiting to get finished