Checking in and Casting on..

So I have been quietly plugging along on my my Shetland projects. I cast off the  pair of  fingerless mitts I had been working on by Kate Davies to cast on the next project the Bracken Mitts, it is something that wasn’t on my list for this trip but has been in my queue for while has not made it on my needles until now. I can’t believe  how fast these knit up. I finished the 1st mitt only to procrastinate on the second one  since I cast on a new project and have another one lined up after that.  I have a debated with one of my friends about casting on multiple objects.. I don’t particularly enjoy a bunch of WIPS because I don’t like seeing unfinished projects on my Ravelry page. I really can’t over emphasis how much I don’t like it. I made the mistake of watching the news and I needed a mindless knit to help reduce the stress, so I cast on  a cowl made in cashmere. I mean what is more soothing than stockinette knit in cashmere. I think I would have to scratch my head on what could top it.

One thought on “Checking in and Casting on..

  1. I so agree WIP’s make me a little nutty too but on the other hand I love ❤️ and easy stockinette and with cashmere ooh ? how can that be a WIP. Just saying. My yarn came today for a cowl but I have 3 WIP so now cowl till one is done. Only way I won’t cast o. Is don’t wind it. Let’s see how long that last ?

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