It is usually in reverse..

Cashmere Merino Nylon handed by Wound Up Fiber Arts in a 2 ply fingering/heavy sport

Normally we buy bins to have to contain the excess stash…. Or enclose the items that we have “added to cart”  so it is noteworthy when things go the other way and space is being made in the bins.

In the last 2 weeks I have pulled 16 ounces(4 bags) from my plastic bins to spin up, its is not a ton of fiber but it is making space. A tiny fact I didn’t consider when I started spinning  was how much more space fiber takes than yarn. I I can’t emphasis how much more cubic space it takes. There are challenges that people have called “Spin the bin” which measures the project by freeing up space. I myself have not participated in any of these challenges but this month for Tour de Fleece I am going to attempt to make a big dent in the fiber stash. To be b=honest I am not sure I can keep ups this pace but I need to try…. The ugly truth is that since I belong to a fiber club that I have 8 ounces of fiber coming in to my house every month so if I don’t spin more than that and I am buying my stash is accumulating at a steady rate.

So I have done some math I figure if I get 28 ounces of fiber spun up that will 12 bags of fiber which is a little more than a bin of space that I will get back and buy myself about 3 months of stash reduction, or at least delude myself for 3 months thinking that I don’t need to buy a bin.

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  1. Your spinning is beautiful and I am completely in awe of all of your skills. Keep,up the good work. I love following you

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