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2ply in Spelling Bee from Nest Fiber

Today seems like as good as any to blog. I don’t have anything really exciting to report or new that needs to be shared, but I realized I have lapsed a bit in the frequency of blogging. There hasn’t been so much knitting time lately, which I expect to change soon, I have some WIPS and I have created a bit of a backlog on the yarn I have spinning that needs to be plied.

Crafting these days seems to be therapeutic, which is really nice when I can get sometime to actually do it. I finally broke down and bought a Hansen Minispinner last month. The good news is that I was receptive to one of my friends “selling” me on the entry level model. If you know me, you know I have a hard time going “on the cheap” or being “economical”. It is not that I am looking so spend money but I have a strong belief that you should enrich your life with things you will actually use. After the initial purchase there is nothing that has make me regret the entry level model, which really makes me smile.

So I guess I just should focus on all of the “Work in Progress“ projects. I did manage to make a tiny dent this weekend


Woodfords for Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People 8

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  1. I’m glad to see you back on the blog been missing you. I understand about but low end, I always go the other way because don’t want to have to replace and then I’ve spent more in the end. Been there done that.
    You are making good progress on your sweater.

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