Mad Hatter March Day-1

Casting on!

Yup.. It is actually happening. I cast on last night for the Origami Hat by Lori Versci. I remember when the pattern was released earlier this year and for me it was one of those moments where you bypass even questioning if it should be queued and just assume it is going to be made. I think it is the perfect pattern to use handspun yarn and I have decided to cast on in Koneko Handspun’s 2 ply. I have wanted to use Caterina’s yarn for a long time and I have to say it feels so nice on the hands. Her yard is less dense than mine and I am already getting some ideas about how to experiment with my spinning. I need to correct that last statement, to add when I actually have time to spin, because Think I will be quite busy with knitting hats:)

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