3 patterns out of my Ravelry queue

I don’t know what your number is but I delude myself into thinking that if my Raverly queue is below 200 that I have sold control and am managing the patterns I want to knit reasonably well. Last September when I was at the Glamping with Plucky event several of my friends had a conversation about how big everyone’s rarely queue ¬†cold be and how we manage our wants and needs. I purposely put a lot of the patterns I want to knit in to the “favorites” to keep my “queue” number about 200. I have friends in the 15 range, 400, 2000, and 4000+ so it was clear to me that everyone has a different take on queue management.

With my Mad Hatter March challenge I am so close to hitting or getting below 200. It has me pretty excited. The nice things about knitting up a hat is how fast you can check them off your list. I think their is a nice pile of sweaters in my queue.. I’ll have to get creative how to knock those off my list, because the majority of them are adult sweaters.

One thought on “200….

  1. My queue isn’t that big because I am always looking for yarn or the right pattern to go with a yarn. Queue never seem to have correct thing.
    I love looking at your projects and saving some for my future projects

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