Sweater weather?

My orange peel shaped ribbing…

I looked in my closet the other day and had realized all of my warm knitwear was either in the laundry pile or at the dry cleaners (yeah, I know what some of you might say, but depending on the item I have most of my items dry cleaned… different stores for different folk people, and I just don’t have the time and I am okay with it). I couldn’t believe that I was low on knitwear. I actually began knitting to make hand knits for my daughter but one of the amazing things about being a knitter is being able to have sweaters that fit… The issue that really got me excited for hand knitting was being able to adjust the sleeve length (I typically shorten by at least 2 inches from the pattern) and I have loved being able to throw something on where I don’t have to roll sleeves back.

I am on the third of the three cast ons that I did on New Year’s day, which is a sweater. This one will be slower because it is a sweater. I haven’t been knitting sweaters that frequently and to be honest adjusting my  mindset to reading a sweater pattern was a bit of a change…. but with Brooklyn Tweed publishing the Michele Wang’s  Capsule collection I am having a change of heart on picking up the needles for a sweater. The collection is simply gorgeous and it has me seriously considering that I need to turn my focus to making a few of these beautiful patterns.

My only hesitation on the one I want to knit is that it is 4400 yards of fingering weight yarn…. the commitment to make this sweater is longer than some people’s marriages.




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