Off the grid kind of.

All I can do lately when I have a free moment is knit I want to knit “one more row” and do nothing else. It could be the mindless knit that I have on my needles or that I have kind of “unplugged of late. I am still pretty active on Instagram,  but have found myself focused on being more present in the moment( IRL) and less about watching the threads on Ravelry   or texting friends.  It really is amazing what one can get  done when they take away some of the distractions. We are in middle of  January and I am taking stock of all of the things that I want to do.

It is easy to get overwhelmed, I confess the only thing I am trying to do is look to my immediate surroundings and not get distracted.  The last few years I was buying a lot of yarn and and now that I have kind of gotten out of the “accumulating” mentality and it is nice to be making the things. It feels really healing to be just focused on working with fiber and learning more about the fiber arts. I am making a lot of headway on my ” Hollows”  by Mandrines and am getting ready to make my Shepard and Shearer Hoody by Kate Davies. It has been a while since I have made a sweater and if you know me you know I can’t just make one without modifying the pattern.

It is a well recognized fact that the measurements from the American Craft Council  do not fit most most body types many designers use… I would say that it took a three years for this to sink in, and to be be honest I am still not that comfortable making modifications but like with anything it is something that gets easier and better with time…. so if I am a little more quiet than usual you will know what I am up to, even if I am not chatting about it.


One thought on “Off the grid kind of.

  1. You still amaze me girl, you knit, spin, work, and have a little girl and hubby. I am retired and have hubby but seem to not get as much knitting done as I want so I have been limiting my time on Rav and the computer. Just can’t give up Instagram 😀
    Hope you won’t give up your blog I so enjoy it.

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