Kinda.. sorta.. had to.

I have been knitting more than I have been spinning lately, maybe be it is the whole knitting with cashmere that is getting my needles going… or procrastinating on another sweater.  The cashmere and the procrasintating feel soooo good. I have been  trying to tune everything else out lately…. just enjoying  knitting and making when I want to.

It was a little bit of a surprise that my daughter asked me to make her a pair  of mittens last night my heart melted and I said yes. I mean I kinda sorta had to..  She was really cute to ask…   The normal script goes something like this:

Daughter: Momma?

Me: Yes?

Daughter: What are are you knitting?

Me: I am knitting a _____.

Daughter: For me?

It was a real thrill to have her ask and I now scouting out patterns… When I told her I need to find a pattern she said.. ” You mean on the bulletin board on your computer?” I scratched my head at that one and realized she was talking about the “pattern library” in Ravelry. At this point I don’t think my daughter has any choice of not being a future knitter…. or at least someone who enjoys hand knits.

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