Generating positivity

It is only 7 days in to 2017 and I would say that it is not off to a great start. I won’t go into it but rather than keep on with the trend from 2016  I thought I would try to make lemonades out of lemonade. So… when I went a little nuts on a recent order of Republic of Wool the other day this afforded me the perfect opportunity to do something that might start off the year on a good foot or at least make it a little better for myself and other knitters. I am giving away a skein of the Twist Sock in the Freckleface colorway on Instagram. I will be picking a random winner next week on Friday, January the 13th… The catch… the only thing that you need to do is leave a comment on the Instagram post about what you do to stay positive or what you plan to to to be positive in 2017.

There have been some really fantastic ideas and it injects a little more hope in to my everyday and I hope that other people read them to and it gives them a little some ideas of coping when things are crappy. I  have been thrilled to see how many people do something on a daily basis to make their day a little better or have a tool to shut down the negativitiy.

On a personal note. I haven’t responded to everyone’s Instagram posts because I am trying to keep it easy to count the entry  for the drawing, but I am really touched by your kind words and suggestions.



2 thoughts on “Generating positivity

  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one that wasn’t going to buy yarn till I some knitting done ✅ well I already ordered not one completed project as of yet. 😂 Now I have ripped out number of rows looks like I’m going the wrong direction to begin this fine year.
    Negative people stay clear I trying to stay with good thoughts 💭

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