One thing led to another

I am living in the place of “ugh!” on my Exploration Station. I think this deserves and explanation.. I had grand expectations for my 4 day weekend. I was going to finish this WIP and move on to the nest one. It all started okay and than stalled Some where between make the Turkey with late night fixings  and doing some late night knitting I messed up on my double yarn overs in the chevron section..

This last part of the project has become my version of “Groundhog’s day” I seem force to relive it over and over. On the 25th I had gotten it so that I had only 2  and a half pattern repeats before I got to cast off. Sounds good in theory… well that was until I found that one of my double yarn over sections didn’t live up and it bothered me…. So I spent the whole day after watching Rogue One to thinking back to the scene of the crime stitch by stitch. It was a pretty quite rest of the day where at a knitting group I as able to get to work on the 7th of 8 repeats when I found another problem.


A few choice explatitives went through my mind and I started with tinkering with it. A friend who works at a yarn store looked at it and tried fixing it… but while it was a decent fix it still was not 100% it bothered me. I took it home to tiger with it… and well I don’t know if it was the nighttime sinus medicine or just frustration but I am now tearing back 4 repeat rows.. Oh yeah did I mention each row of these 2 row repeats are 400 stitches a piece….. so we are talking about 1600 stitches.

Well I know that this will eventually get done… but “ugh” just “ugh”

3 thoughts on “One thing led to another

  1. Wow that truly is just ugh. I know how excruciating these situations can be, although I’ve never gone through it on a 400 stitch per row scale… I hope once the shock and frustration have passed, you’ll have better luck!

  2. I am so sorry and I thought my issue were bad. I’ll just sit quietly and rip rip, rows are very small compared to yours.

    I know you will finish hang in there girl

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