The holidays are upon us

A bouquet of handspun
A bouquet of handspun


How did the holidays get here son quickly. The spinning and fall knits are not done and there has barely been a moment to look at the calendar and decide what needs to be done before the end of the year. I used to alternate  every other year between selfish knitting and gift knitting, but I let that fall to the wayside when I lost my knitting mojo last year. I decided to make my list short and sweet this year:

  1. Raindrop hat with handspun
  2. Chill Chaser
  3. Finishing my holiday diorama ( after all winter is coming)
  4.  A pair of slippers for my daughter
  5.  and I want to spin up as much stash as possible

So here goes nothing. I think 2 out of 5 are probable…. but we will have to give it the old “collage try”



One thought on “The holidays are upon us

  1. Christmas 🎄 knitting almost done just need to finish my last hat then it will be…knit for me time,
    I’ll be watching this see how your list goes

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