a little bright spot

It really started out as  unlikely hope during the Plucky Glamping event in September. I leaned over the class table and asked my friend “Wouldn’t it be amazing taking a class from Janine Bajus in the Shetland islands?” a couple days later at the retreat Janine mentioned that she and Amy Detjen happened to be organizing a trip to Scotland and the Shetland islands. Not that there really was a chance in hell but I asked my friend immediately ” If I can get my husband to green lighting this trip(trying to justify this as a 40th birthday present), do you want to go?” and immediate a “yes” followed by me thinking of ways to ask my husband  (I was predicting an immediate “NO”)

I felt sick asking him but eventually I did and he said he didn’t want to tell me know and would crunch some numbers and get back to me…. Shortly after that I got a “yes” I found out the sign ups had moved to a lottery system….. All I could think was there sure are a lot of hurdles to this trip. Well I submitted my application and “I am in!!!!!!!!”

I am beyond excited….. Did I mention I am excited.

One thought on “a little bright spot

  1. It’s Karma girl! Stars all aligned just for you happy birthday 🎉 turning 40 what great memories for you.
    Can’t wait to read all of your travels, fun to take a trip with you

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