That took awhile

I have been on a mission over the past month and a half  to clear my needles and get some of the WIPS completed. It feels really great to have Marley and Hyoutan off the needles not to mention the Sankaku Shawl done that I finished in August.  I have been looking at them everytime I open my project page and seeing the “WIP” in the little picture of the project. Sometimes it feels that they are staring back at me  and giving me a dirty look.  I still have about four WIPs that are not complete but at this point only 1 of the 4 actually have a serious shot of getting my attention. I should think about  maybe frogging a couple of them.

Hyoutan by Rie from Pom Pom Quarterly's  Fall 2013 issue
Hyoutan by Rie from Pom Pom Quarterly’s Fall 2013 issue

I  at least think it is time to cast on a new item, Hyoutan was great (I actually had been meaning to knit it up since 2013) but after knitting on WIPS for the last 2 months I am ready for a new challenge.



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