Learning new tricks and no Rhinebeck;(

Wearing my new Marley Shawl designed by Andrea Mowery

Its been an interesting month, and we are only a third through October.

  1. I am finally healthy (YAY!)
  2. I finished my Marley by Andrea Mowery
  3.  I took Judith McKenzie’s “Spinning for Socks” during the Nordic Knitting Conference
  4. Talked myself into a yarn diet ( there are exceptions, and some of my friends are already giving me crap)
  5. Committed to doing a KAL with a freind.

First things first,  I have new appreciation for being healthy. It is not that I have been living an unhealthy lifestyle  but after catching my daughter’s cold and stomach flu, I realize how I should be taking better care of myself.

So finally done with my 1st 2 color brioche knitting project. I have wanted to knit Marley since I saw it come out and when I was able to score some Druzy Rising I knew I wanted to use it for this project.  I will admit that the learning part was a little bit of a mind bend when I started. I had previously knit a hat with a brioche brim, but that was 1 color and in the round.

I really tried hard to watch and have patience with  the Nancy Marchant video on Craftsy, but what seemed to work best were video tutorials on Youtube.

Spinning for Socks class with Judith
Spinning for Socks class with Judith

So Judith’s class at the Nordic Knitting Conference, was AH- MAZING! I can’t even describe how much I learned. I have had friends tell me “If you get the opportunity to take a class with Judith, take it” Wow they are so right. I have never met anyone more knowledgeable about fiber, the industry, the history of  crafting with fiber,  or the actual techniques.  She is like a Jedi Master of fiber.

So next topic, yarn diet. Well what can I say I have a crap load of yarn and now I am actually making more. While I didn’t go “Cuckoo for Cocopuffs” buying new yarn at the Plucky Knitter’s Glampning event. I did decide that it wouldn’t be the worst thing if I stopped buying yarn  until Madrona ( exceptions are for spinning fiber, Druzy Rising and Viola). Yeah it sounds funny to give exceptions, but to be honest I think it is more realistic, at least to me. Good news is that my wheel is more powerful than the one I learned on and I actually think if I spin heaver yarns I can work through my fiber stash at a decent pace.

Lastly, I signed myself up to do a Knit a long with a friend I am going to cast on the Inglis Mitts by Ysolda. I hope to wind the yarn and cast on this weekend. If I am not going to Rhinebeck this year, at least I can cast on a new project. There are several WIPS on the needles, but I will have finished two WIPS by the end of this month, so I figure I am allowed.







2 thoughts on “Learning new tricks and no Rhinebeck;(

  1. Love your shawl/Cowl, yea for healthy!

    I love to see all your projects and the spinning is remarkable and you have learned so quickly

    1. Thanks. and yay for health!!! I hope you manage to stay health this fall/ winter too. On the quickness remark, I don’t think it hurt that my hubby and daughter were out of town

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