An introduction to “meditation”


I never expected how important spinning would become to me six months ago when I started. I went through all of the excuses of not wanting to start a new hobby. The biggest and best one is that I have too much yarn as it is so why would I do something that would make that problem or blessing( this depends on how you look at this) worse.

I will even admit that I did’t think handspun was particularly something I wanted to knit with, I tend to like over saturated solid yarns, with the occasional speckle or self striping yarn.
I haven’t been shy about my love for spinning, feel very passionate about it. I think that it amplifies all of the reasons I love knitting, but it goes beyond, because the simplicity of handspinning yarn is something that is meditative and is centering.

I did’t think that I would consider knitting a complicated activity, but with the relatively few motions in operating a spinning wheel it makes me understand how many steps there are to the activity of knitting, reading the pattern, turning your work, adjusting stitches manipulating the needles for more complex stitch motifs, looking down at the chart, counting the stitches…. and well with spinning, its just focusing on the drafting and the treadling.

So it seemed completely reasonable that with the meditative nature of this craft I would name my new spinning wheel “Meditation”.

Meditation is a TINA II spring wheel that is made in Wisconsin by Jerry Jensen and it made of birdseye maple with the halfspokes made using walnut as accents. I know that I will treasure her for years to come.

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  1. So lovely! Waiting for mine (second hand/second loved?) is somethings transit. Should have been here today but delayed to next Wednesday. Can’t wait!

    1. Hey there! I have been MIA with birthday and stomach flu… but this is exciting news. Have you got to spin on it yet? P.S. Happy fall!

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