Maybe the end is in sight?

16 more rows to go!!!!
16 more rows to go!!!!

My human sweatshop of knitting is doing a moderately good job at meeting my daily quotas. Yes, you heard right I have given myself daily goals to finishing my Sankaku Shawl. I am the sole person in this sweatshop trying to finish my  WIP. The project is beautiful, but it is a beast a.k.a a whole lot of knitting. While, it has become easily memorizable project it takes me 1 hour when not being social  and put to two hours if I am engrossed in a TV show.

So I was surprised the other day when I looked at the project and realized that I was churning out more rows than I had projected (My daily goal is to get 1 row down, with a stretch goal of 2 rows….) This weekend I was able to churn out 3 rows each day and the last couple of days I have been getting about 2 to 2.5 rows under my belt.

I really don’t know what is going on but I can actually visualize this being knit up in less than 10 days. That’s just nuts, if you ask me and I am the one who is knitting it. I am hoping that by the end of the first week of September that I will have a finished object to post. This morning I got to mark that the project is 75% complete and it felt like a victory. I don’t know why but working on this project is like a hike. It seems long and uphill for the first part, but when you turn around and head down the mountain you wonder why you were complaining about the steepness and are surprised about how short you hiked.  I done have any delusions about this being a short project, but one thing is for certain, it is going to be so weird to think of knitting something else since I have been working on it for so long. It is a weird thing to explain and maybe this doesn’t happen to other people but there is

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  1. I saw your finished photos on Ravelry and oh my gracious – I just love it. I do know what you mean though about something being a long hike and you really really wished the end was in sight. And then when the end IS in sight, you start to think about how much you’re going to miss it when you finish.

    1. Oh thanks so much Yolanda. I really like it and it was certainly fun to try a new technique. I have that post FO haze where I am weighing what I want to do with what I should do.

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