I got busted (kinda)…

Note to self: Do not mention to your significant husband that you may amor may not be impacted by the Canadian Postal strike…

Conversations of this nature lead to “You have shipments that are scheduled to arrive? How much is coming?” and “What did you order?” all questions that lead me mumbling ” Fiber”… which leads to a ” you have a lot of fiber”

To be fair he knows about the spinning wheel….. just not the Plucky Knitter order ( I forgot about), Viola order, and the order form Loop London ( In my defense they were having a sale).

I guess it hasn’t helped that I have received some destashed yarn or 32 ounces oc spinning fiber in the last week. DOH!

The destash in question
The destash in question

One this is for sure I will be stalking the mailbox for sure….



One thought on “I got busted (kinda)…

  1. Don’t you just hate when that happens­čś│ We you retire it harder to stalk the mail person just saying. Can’t wait to see your new acquisitions

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