A detour…..

So much has been going on lately, so I expect that this post is going to be  very jumbled and ADHD in its organization. I loved working on holiday themed  July and I definitely have a nice little stash of holiday decor that I did not have before. I didn’t get the chance to finish my diorama, due to a hectic work schedule but I am thinking of picking it up later this year. In the meantime I think I need to finishing up so WIPS. I don’t really have a theme for August, although  I am thinking I might need to use DEVO’s one hit wonder and call August the month of “WIP it” somehow my amount of WIPs has grown. If I am going to be honest and make this ugly I have 6 WIPS:

  1. Funky Grandpa
  2. The green cashmere sweater
  3. Sankaku
  4. Hyoutan
  5. The holiday themed diorama
  6. Hexi Love Actually

I didn’t think I had any deadline knitting until I thought about the Sankaku shawl wrap I started earlier this year for the Plucky fashion show. I am not even 1/3 through the project, but it goes pretty slow. I am going to try to make this my “goto” project for August so that  I have a finished object to wear in early October, this project just screams #thisoughttotakeawhile.

Well…….. here goes nothing!


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