Prepping.. for July

I know it is the beginning of June but I realized in the midst of my mad dash to destash my downstairs stash that  I was building a new stash of handspan which doesn’t really doesn’t help me chip away.






IMG_8264I have “gifted” a couple of skins way to appreciative friends  but that will literally be a drop in the preverbal bucket if I start cranking out more yarn.

It is amazing how fast you can spin up yarn. The amount of time from start to finish  goes fast but there is a lot of passive time in there too. To be honest I was surprised how many steps there are to making yarn, and also how many of them are passive( resting on the bobbins, resting on the niddy noddy, giving it a bath, and drying the  yarn).

I  have gone off topic because what I really meant to discuss is what I am going to do with the yarn next month. Next month is my big “Christmas in July” challenge…. I have also signed myself up to a CAL, and participating in the Tour de Fleece  ( Yeah, clearly I think there are more than 24 hours in a day).  So I thought I would try my best to make next month work for me. Let me first explain why I am only knitting Holiday items in July.

It seems every year without fail  I see cute decorations which I want to add to my queue or would love to have around the house.  I usually see them around the Oct-Dec timeframe. Most seem to look like quick knits, but let’s be honest if you are a knitter who gifts hand knits you are usually cranking out the hand knits like a one person sweat shop. Thinking about how you are going to get  family, teacher, friends and neighbors handmade gifts  and have them all done in time do give the recipient is kind of exhausting( I typically start knitting accessories in July exactly for this reason, because if your count is 13+ in the finished object department you need to get cracking to have them all finished by December).

While all the gift giving is great; it leads me to the problem at hand, none of the cute decorations and plans I make get knit. So this year I decided to give myself permission to knit whatever holiday decor  and knitwear I wanted during the month of July. I have been wanting to knit “Smitten Mittens” for the longest time and I think that my new stockpile of handspan will finally give me the perfect opportunity to use stash.

I have no illusions  burning through my stash.. I will likely have massive amounts of scrap yarn and need to come up with another idea of how to use them…. I have had to come with the ugly truth that despite blowing through a massive amount of yarn ( 2600+ yards) on the Big Granny Square Blanket I will have roughly 14-15  25gram balls when I finish the project.   I am not sure  how I will use the remaining scrap yarn, I mean there are several options gifting the yarn, hatmaking, crocheting, or selling the yarn are all options, I just know that I will have about left overs:(

I also am toying with the idea of making a minimochi diarama ( Think Rudolf and his buddies, along with Santa, elves and maybe and indomitable snowman) and Christmas tree ornaments.

I guess one thing is for certain I need to finish this beast of  a blanket and spin up some more yarn:)


4 thoughts on “Prepping.. for July

  1. Hi! We met at Madrona (friend of Angela’s, over at the Orange couches). I totally agree with the knitting Christmas gifts in July. I have six pairs of socks to knit each year for immediate family along with various requested hats, mittens, scarves. I tend to try and knit a gift pair every other month. Last year, I decided that I would focus on some of those “someday” Christmas decorations too. Starting in January, I knit three Smitten Mitten garlands out of Shelter (one for our home and one each for my two kids and their families) and I also started the Alan Dart advent ornaments. The ornaments didn’t get done in 2015, but I did finish for this coming year. This year I am also knitting the 12 patterns that Tin Can Knits released after Christmas, using leftover skeins and possible handspun. Somehow my stash grows on its own…..

    1. Hi Ellen!

      I remember you:)!!! I don’t check the blog that much so I didn’t see this come in. I went and checked out your project page and OMG.. that was a whole lot of mitts that you made. While they are fun to make I am really impressed at your commitment to make so many. I totally have to check out the Tin Can Knits patterns because I think I must have missed them. Like yourself my stash seems to have a life on its own…. I wish it would stop doing that.

      Do you do a lot of gift knitting? and How do you decide who is knitworthy?

  2. I don’t do a lot of gift knitting anymore. Both my kids are married, and we have an adorable nearly two year old grandson, so they are my primary gift knitting peoples and handknits ar very appreciated with any of them. I’ve fallen into the ” must knit for the new baby family member” crowd a few times, but I realized that while things were requested, they never seemed to get used. I do have one niece that actually used the items I knit for her daughter but that was far and few between.

    Anymore, my knitting time is pretty precious (I take care of our grandson four days a week) so knitting is a bit selfish right now as I try to winnow down the stash. Right now I’m considering that I could buy a Sunday Knits kit ( oh my drool….) for every four WIP’s or sweater quantities I own. Retirement knitting, right?

    1. I am glad when you get to knit that you get to knit for yourself….. Sometimes when the family is bigger the gift knitting can get really out of control.Those Sunday Knits kits are super nice.. Treat yourself:)

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