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“Crocking” from a yarn that was dyed with madder root

In full disclosure this is not a issue with the yarn dyer but more attributed to using natural dyes, I do not believe this happens with every naturally dyed yarn[ I also contacted the dyer and she was very helpful in suggestions as to how to set the dye].

I recently experienced “crocking” for the first time. It has been happening with the yarn I am using to knit up my Cedar Grove Shawl by Judy Marples.  I don’t often knit with naturally dyed yarns so while I may knit with some yarns that may bleed when they are soaked and blocked it was strange to see color leaving the yarn while I was knitting  on my shawl.

I first went through a few stages…. the only thing I think think of is that pamphlet about “the stages of grief” but while it wasn’t grief…. several things went through my mind “WTF!” “What am I going to do to set the dye?”, ” I don’t want this bleeding all over my blocking board”, ” Crap, this isn’t super wash…. I don’t want to felt it to set the dye”,” I just need to get through this knit”

The yarn is simply lovely but I haven’t been so much in love with how a pink tint follows everywhere the yarn goes… but I am fairly certain after I get this sucker of the needles  I will have the crocking issue fixed.


I have had some time to think about it and have done a lot of research as to ways to set the color. I think the whole project has been a good learning experience because I know better understand yarn and the saying process.

There are 4 more rows to go before I cast off.. and I am leaning towards the soaking in cold, soaking in warm ( without agitation)  and than blocking the shawl. There are other alternatives  but I feel pretty certain that this is the route I will be going.

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